dictionary api

dictionary API(0.0.1)

An API built in Flask

URL https://github.com/PabloEmidio/api-dictionary | Lincence MIT | Request Example Example

Daily we need to know words' meanings and/or translate, so I decided to create this API aiming to present a easy way to access words meanings and Portuguese-English translations.

This is a basic flask API application, in current version it can have several bugs, please report any of them to url link shown above


Search for words' meanings

get /v1/dictionary/<language>/<word>

path parameters

language →

word's language that you wish to know:

en: English word
pt: Portuguese word
es: Spanish word

word →

the word you wish to know the meaning


200 success

404 language or word not found


Search for words' translation

get /v1/translation/<lan-lan>/<word>

path parameters

lan-lan →

tranlate order, being first lan source language word:

en-pt: English to Portuguese
pt-en: Portuguese to English

word →

the word you wish to know the translation


200 success

400 lan-lan or word not found